If your student has fallen behind during COVID,
Math tutoring at Tamraloo to help your little students in a big way! 

Facilitated by Samantha Walker, credentialed teacher, the Tamraloo tutoring team is here to help you and your students solve thrive!

$25 (we will apply this fee to any tutoring services you purchase from us if you choose to continue)

Tutoring Options depending on needs/budget :
One on one tutoring 
High School Aged Tutor
College-Aged tutor
Credentialed Teacher

Group tutoring is available

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How long of a session should I book? 
Most math tutoring requires an hour session at a minimum. A single problem can often take 30 minutes alone. 

What does my student need to bring?
Please bring a textbook or any classroom materials so that the tutor can help your student with what they truly need. Curriculum can be provided for an additional fee.

What resources will my tutor use? 
Your tutor will use the resources that your student brings to lessons unless they have previously been instructed to provide a specific curriculum. Tutors may use their phones or laptops to look up formulas or specific problems, which saves time and money.

Can I reschedule a lesson?
In compliance with our studio policy, "
We require a 24-hour notice in order to reschedule a make-up lesson. We cannot make up lessons for no-shows or cancellations under 24 hours. There are no make-ups for group lessons. If your teacher cancels a lesson, you will receive a make-up lesson."


Can I request a one-time tutoring session?
Yes! This is a new service Entitled "STUDY COACH- DROP IN" is a one-time, paid event to help you prep for finals, your homework packet, or get a better grasp on a concept. You can find it listed as a service under our "SCHEDULE A FREE TRIAL LESSON OR ASSESSMENT" feature.