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A student in guitar lesson


The First Note

From beginners to seasoned performers, Tamraloo Studios truly does have something to offer every age.  Whether you are looking to get your 7-year-old started with piano lessons, or you are a retiree anxious to get back on the stage, we’ve got a teacher for you. Tamraloo Studios offers consistency, reliability, and stand out teaching that starts with our student teachers and continues through our degreed professionals. 

Violin lessons

Private Instrumental & Vocal Lessons

Private lessons are generally held weekly for 30 minutes (advanced students may choose a 45 or 60-minute option).  We begin with a FREE trial lesson for each new student, so you get a chance to see our instructors in action and how they work with you or your student.  If you choose to book, a student will be given a practice notebook and the expectation that they will practice 5 days a week for 30 minutes per day (new/younger students will work up to this goal).  Progress will be tracked each week and your teacher will work with you and your student to achieve your specific goals, whether they be to learn a new skill, increase current skill level, play therapeutically, or work on a short or long term goal such as an audition or exam.  Lessons will be tailored to fit the needs of each student.

Group Instrument Lessons

Group piano, guitar, ukulele, and strings classes are currently scheduled per request. If you would like to get a group started, we would love to help you with that! A group consists of 4 students with similar skill levels taught together for 60 minutes once a week. Group instructors will help students with both individual and ensemble skills.


String Ensemble

Tamraloo is proud to announce its placement auditions for the String Ensemble! 

Group Piano lessons

Group Voice

Group voice is the perfect intro to vocal studies. Group voice is currently taught by Miss Sierra. Participants learn healthy vocal technique, breathing, poise, pitch, and performance! Students work on both group and solo singing and have an opportunity at the end of each semester to perform as a group and as a soloist if they choose.  


Instrument Rentals

We offer various instruments for sale or rent at any given time.

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