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Mixing at Tamraloo

Mixing at Tamraloo is where the magic of Art and Science is magically balanced. The mixing process blends the raw tracks of you (the performer) with our highly trained sound engineer to ensure the sound levels, pitches, and playback is cohesive and consistent. He edits and curates all the hard work you do in the recording studio to ensure your track sounds consistent across several platforms!


Mixing is meant to take all of the individual sounds for a track, and transform it into a whole, singular track. This step is vital to get a quality, finished product.

Samples From Our Studio! 

A Walk in the Meadow MSTRAmber Nicole Sound
00:00 / 03:25
And I Am Telling You MSTRWilliam Jessup University
00:00 / 03:49


As professionals, we understand that the hardware and software are important to the professional artist. Take a look!

Presonus Studio 1824C

Aston Origin 

Audio Technica M50X

Audio Technica M30X

Audio Technica M20X

Shure Beta 52A

Shure Beta 56A

Shure Beta 57A

Shure SM57

Shure SM 81


It's not just about what we record on, the software used to mix and master also effects the quality of your product!


Pro Tools

Waves Gold

Native Instruments Komplete 12 

Izotope Elements package

Izotope RX 7

Woman Working at Mixing Console
amber nicole.jpg


Mixing a track is $125/song. This does not include the recording process (see our page about recording at Tamraloo). It does ensure you get a quality professional mastering your tracks into a fully balanced sound ready for any streaming platform! 

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