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Assortment of Books

Book Drive

November 2021

Book Drive for Literacy 2021

Bring your gently used CHILDREN'S/YOUNG ADULT books to any of the THREE Tamraloo locations (Studio E, Studio T, or 12 Bridges) as a donation to our BOOK DRIVE! With the celebration of the new tutoring space and National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), November has become the month we collect books and hand them off to a local non-profit that needs them! This year our Beneficiaries are the childen at Child Advocates of Placer county. They help children from birth to 18 years, but their focus for the reading program is 4–12-year-olds.

Want to help but don't have children that age anymore? Their Events & Office coordinator has some ideas for you: 

  1. Sloth slept on

  2. Magic Tree house books 1-4

  3. Will you please go now = Dr. Seuss

  4. Slowly, slowly, slowly said the sloth

  5. Adventures of Biscuit

  6. Harry Potter Series for our boys in a group home.

Child Advocates of Placer County trains community volunteers to be Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) for foster youth and probation youth, and to be Mentors for at-risk youth, former foster youth, and struggling families. The primary goals for CASAs and Mentors is to help youth find educational success and

secure housing, and transition into successful adults, while also breaking the intergenerational trend of child abuse.

CASA volunteers are sworn Officers of the Court whom we assign to foster children (ages 0 to 18)

through a court order. This order gives the CASA the authority to meet weekly with a foster youth,

interview all parties to the action (parents, social workers, teachers, therapists, attorneys, etc.), and

serve the youth through by reviewing the child’s situation and needs, identifying resources and

services for the child, communicating the child’s wishes, best interests, and unmet needs to the court,

and ensuring that court orders are carried out.


Inaugural Tamraloo Book Drive

When our little community realized that school was going to be very different from our normal routine, Tamraloo Studios started our tutoring branch to serve an education need apparent in our area. Now, with an in-depth literacy intervention program lead by MaryEllen Vogt. Ed.D, we have a deeper appreciation for literacy and first-hand experiences of how it can affect young minds in the best possible way. Much like music, there is science and data linking reading and literacy to success for all-ages, so we asked ourselves what else we could do for our community to promote positivity and success for our students. Our goal is to promote reading, literacy, and potentially provide books over the coming winter break when our students need a breather from their studies, social media, or video games. People are our first priority!  

With your help, we collected gently used books for the month of November, sorted, and sent them to two non-profits: The Foundry and Vietnam Veterans of America


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