The aim of TADA is to create well rounded, versatile performers who can adapt their vocal, movement, and acting skills to a variety of performance opportunities.  Our 10 TADA students will receive individualized instruction from degreed professionals based on personal goals and strength and weakness assessments.  TADA students will be taught to function as a key player within a supportive ensemble and learn to engage in a positive, helpful, and collaborative manner.  TADA student will leave each semester armed with a deeper understanding of their craft, an appreciation for fellow performers, and a deeper love of the performing arts.

Who is TADA For?

TADA is for any performer who knows what they want and is willing to put in the time and practice to achieve it.  The ideal candidate will be able to sit down with us today and share their personal performance goals.  In general, ideal candidates will be ages 10-18, but we reserve the right to accept younger students based on the ability of each candidate to express to us a clear understanding of their specific goals. The ideal candidate will be one who is excited to take classes in all three disciplines and is looking for a way to save money by bundling services and working collaboratively with a small group of no more than 10.

TADA Track Options

  • Track 1:  2 private lessons AND 1 group lesson per week - $375/month plus private check in with team once a month
  • Track 2:  1 private lesson AND 2 group lessons per week - $300/month plus check in
    • **The final month will be prorated to 1/2 month​
All TADA members attend Thursday 7-9 pm Group Vocals/Dance as one of the group classes
Private lessons can be scheduled with individual instructor and consist of the following:
30 minutes 1 x weekly with Miss Tamie (vocals), 45 min 1 x weekly w Nat Q (dance), or 45 min 1 x weekly w Lizzy (acting)
You may rotate monthly (example:  do private voice in September, private dance in October, private acting in November, etc.  Ideally, students will get at least a month of privates in every discipline)

Calendar and Pricing for Spring 2022

Classes begin week of Jan 20th and encompass 12 weeks of instruction plus a filmed reel of all pieces learned. Private lessons are scheduled individually with instructors and candidates can have up to 2 reschedules per semester.  Group classes cannot be made up but you may attend any other group class as an exchange. 
Monthly tuition remains the same regardless of weeks in the month.  Payments can be made monthly OR you may pay upfront for the semester:
Track One:  $1100 semester prepaid (save $100)
Track Two:  $900 semester prepaid (save $100)
We accept cash, check, or VENMO OR you may use a credit card with a 3% processing fee added.

Meet the Team:

Tamie's Headshot_edited.jpg
Vocal Instructor

Tamra Rogers was born and raised in the Bay Area, then spent 18 years in the beautiful Pacific Northwest before coming back “home” to California. Miss Tamie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music from William Jessup University.  She has taught piano and voice for over 30 years, and currently owns and operates Tamraloo Studios, voted Lincoln and Sacramento’s Best Music Instruction 6 years in a row. She also currently serves as CEO and Artistic Director of The Stage, a 501c3 non profit theatre company. An accomplished collaborative pianist, choral conductor, vocal coach and music director, Miss Tamie has accompanied multiple church, community, and university choirs, as well as conducted children’s and adult choruses in both the Pacific Northwest and Northern California and coached vocalists all over the area.  She most recently lent her talents onstage as Judy Bernley in RCT's production of 9 to 5 and as Musical Director offstage for William Jessup's production of The Secret Garden. She is a multiple SARTA Elly award winner, for both her musical direction and performance roles. She also carols professionally as a Soprano in the Merrie Olde Christmas Carolers.   
Dance Instructor

Natalie Quilici is a Bay Area native who spent 25 years in the Bay Area dancing and entertaining the masses. After receiving her undergrad at San Jose State, she went on to produce the first site-specific dance festival in the South Bay and transitioned her career to creating. Ranging from competitive dance to choreographing weddings, musical theatre, and pageants, she received her Masters of Dance with honors from California State University, Long Beach for choreographic composition. Focusing on highlighting individual strengths and ensemble storytelling, she continues to serve the greater Sacramento Area. 
LW Headshot_edited.jpg
Acting Instructor

Lizzy Wanamaker is a local theatre nerd and has been in the Sacramento theatre scene for 20 years on many different stages - from the Vencil Brown Elementary School stage as Sandy in Grease, to performing an original works musical on a rooftop in downtown Sacramento. Lizzy has had an extensive career as an actor and as a stage manager at theatres like Rocklin Community Theatre and Sacramento Theatre Company. Wanting to share the last 20 years of character development, producing, and stage knowledge with others – she decided to start teaching everything she has learned from her time on stage and backstage. Lizzy can always be found at home snuggling her pups, belting her face off at the piano, and enjoying scripts – new works and classics!