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Steps for your success 



Arriving early to the session is always a plus. Be aware that studio time does not begin until you are physically in the studio.


If the LED Recording sign is outside the door, please do not open the door.  

There may be a customer just finishing up, or the audio technicians may still be working with a track. During your wait time please ensure you have all of your required materials.

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The Studio

Upon entrance to the studio, the audio team should have already prepared microphones, pop-screens, and headphones, in the configuration requested by you the artist.


Each customer establishes what they need previously by filling out the Studio request form.

The Comfort

The room itself has acoustic panels all around in order to control echo, reduce noise, and unwanted reflected sound.


It also has different colored lights for ambiance if the artist would like a different feel for the room. The instruments requested will also be present at this time.


The Control Room

The audio engineer and/or producer will be located in a separate room called the control room. 


The artist is more than welcome to take a look in the control room to see what equipment the audio technicians will be utilizing.

The Audio Engineer and the Artist

The audio engineer may also be known as the producer for the upcoming recording.  The audio engineer will have a microphone to give instructions to the artist in the adjoining room. 


The audio engineer is in full control of the situation.  Listen to the audio engineer in order to make the process go as smoothly as possible. They may also have several mixing boards (analog/digital), pre-amps, monitors, and digital effects processors in order to give the artist the best sound for whichever end product they would like presented.

Once the artist is comfortable with their surroundings, the recording can begin. 



Recording in the Tamraloo Studio is 

$40/hour. This includes the assistance of our fully trained engineer!

Do you have a track?

If you supply your own accompaniment track, it's only $40/hour.

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