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Music Lessons: When and Why

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

I get a LOT of inquiries about lessons every day of my life: when should my child begin music lessons? What kind of dance should my daughter take if she wants to be in the school musical? What type of tutor is going to get my child to FOCUS? I’m retired: what kind of class should I take for fun?

Believe it or not, I love getting questions from parents and prospective students, because the more questions they ask, the more I can guide them to the most important question of all:


Everyone needs to have a WHY before they begin anything. The WHY informs the what, and the how. It helps us as a studio guide you to the very best WHO for you :-)

For example, Miss M is a delightfully spunky 11 year old with some social anxiety that makes everyday activities stressful. She’s not looking to show off in recitals or compete at auditions; on the contrary, she is drawn to activities that help her express herself, feel her feelings, and calm her mind. She needs a teacher who teaches music as a therapeutic tool, who creates a nurturing, stress free, cocoon-type environment with no expectations other than positive one on one communication during their lesson time and a student who leaves refreshed, renewed and ready to face another day armed with confidence. Her why? Peace.

Ms. V, on the other hand, is a sprightly 85 year old with time on her hands. She wants to keep her mind and body sharp and active and is looking to rekindle her piano skills. She will need a patient teacher who can adapt to the needs of a senior citizen, who will challenge her within appropriate limits and be her cheerleader, her friend, and her peer. She needs a responsible, mature instructor who keeps a regular, predictable daytime schedule, teaches in an area that is easily accessible for a walker, and uses materials that have larger print and are easy to read. Her why? Continued agility

Finally, there’s Mr. R, a zany 13 year old boy who lights up the stage with his natural personality and flair and needs the ins and outs of theatre: what exactly, does cheating out mean? Which local theatre is doing “Seussical” this year and what do we know about the director? How can he prepare for the dance callback without falling on his face? He needs a local professional who is active in community theatre, keeps instruction constantly moving and FUN, but who also is firmly in charge and expects the best. His why? Honing natural instincts into exceptional skills.

What’s YOUR why? Once you know, let us help you find the what, the who, and the how. If at first your why doesn’t match our what, we’ll try again until it does. Because that’s what real life is about: trying again and again until we find that SPARK that ignites our “star quality”. Tamraloo Studios: Be your Own of Star

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