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Glasses and Music Sheet


"Phenomenal teachers that truly make a difference! So fun seeing my 9-year-old progress from not knowing a thing about the piano to now playing songs!" 

- Holly J.

"The absolute best instructors, tutors, and support staff we have ever found in a local music/tutoring business!" - Alyse B.

"Instructors are awesome. Both my kids A and S love doing music lessons with Tamraloo. They are knowledgeable and patient with the kids and just overall great people." - Jason L.

Tamie Rogers is magic! The way she keeps her students' attention is amazing. She knows just how to keep everyone interested. Her passion for music is infectious! -Ann M.


"If [your student] is struggling with reading, I would highly recommend getting an assessment from Dr. Vogt. She will do the lesson plans while Miss Leslie does the teaching. My child loves going. Before we started it was a struggle to even get her there. Now she doesn't blink an eye to go. Her confidence in reading has grown leaps and bounds. It's expensive but well worth the price once you see your child happy." - Joan S.


"My daughter has taken violin lessons 3 years at the studio and her instructor is amazing. They teach children and adults! All the violin instructors are so talented and wonderful teachers. My daughter's had lessons with almost all of them due to our own schedule changes." - Clara A.


"This woman’s musical talent is just about as legit as it gets.  Not to mention her complete “Mary Poppins” like patience with the littles.  My older daughter is going to play concerts someday…but right now has the attention span of a goldfish.  Tamie just stays calm (and firm) and gets things done, never losing her cool.  Then the next minute she’s catering to my (future Tony award-winning) little daughter who has been singing with her since she was four years old.  I would not trust the musical futures of my children to ANYONE else – ever.  I can’t believe our luck that we found her!" - Andrea F.


"My daughter's math tutor not only has taught her math, but built up her self-confidence. It's been money well spent." - Michelle K.


"The teachers are extremely knowledgeable and patient, and their love of music is reflected in the students’ attitude and performances. Very very VERY good teachers!" - Emily K.


"Tamie not only has the voice of an angel, magical fingers that play the piano beautifully, but she also has the patience that would put Mother Theresa to shame.  My son took group singing lessons with her in her preschool group which was the most precious thing to watch!  She is great with kids and delivers the lesson in such a way that the kids really do learn how to “change their voice” for real singing!  To this day my son still has the best singing ability in our family!  I definitely recommend you give her a try, you will not be sorry!  Kids love her for a reason!  She is the best!" - Angi M.


"It's like a hidden gem... Tamraloo Studios. We love it there so much that my kiddo takes multiple music lessons (guitar/ukulele, voice/piano, and violin). I yell 'Take our money! We love you!'"- Nicole P.


"I wanted to reach out and let you know how grateful I am for the reading tutoring program for [my student]. To wake up and find her reading in the bed in the morning... 🥰 We had to take a little break, but Leslie and Dr. Vogt are just amazing! You have a wonderful caring team! And we plan to be back..."

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