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What's a Tamraloo Anyways: An Overview!

My name is Tamra Louise Crane Rogers, and I own and operate Tamraloo Studios in Lincoln California.

The truth is: I never set out to open a music studio.

For the next few weeks, we would like to take you on a blog journey that chronicles our growth from living room lessons to multi-location, full-service arts, and academics education studio. Before we dive into our history and humble beginnings, we thought you’d want to know what Tamraloo is.

Tamraloo is home to 45 employees and over 500 students. What began as a small home music studio has expanded into full-service arts and academic studio encompassing music, tutoring, dance, theatre, recording services, and more. We are an approved home school vendor for all major charters. We partner with Wester Placer Arts Association, a non-profit I co-founded designed to expand the arts in Placer County. We partner with local businesses to enrich the entire community of Lincoln, including monthly service projects and local business promotions. We mentor and train EVERY teacher that walks through our door. We believe education is the key to growing strong, united, healthy communities and put learning first in all we do, whether it be educating students or our teachers. We believe music education shouldn’t be limited to a select few, and so we have programs in place for ALL students and ALL budgets. We offer scholarships, externships, rental space, free community involvement, and most of all, a safe, friendly space for all who enter our doors. We keep our overhead low so that we don’t have to pass expenses on to our clients. I continue to teach, mentor, & music direct at William Jessup University, perform locally on stage and off as part of casts and creative staff, and work with multiple community theatres throughout the area, including my own, the Stage. In a nutshell, Tamraloo is a place where everyone learns, everyone is welcome, and everyone shines like the star they are. Tamraloo Studios: Be Your Own Star. Join us next week for Tamraloo Part Two: Bay Area beginnings!!

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