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The First Note


From beginners to seasoned performers, Tamraloo Studios truly does have something to offer every age.  Whether you are looking to get your 7-year-old started with piano lessons, or you are a retiree anxious to get back on the stage, we’ve got a teacher for you. Tamraloo Studios offers consistency, reliability, and stand out teaching that starts with our student teachers and continues through our degreed professionals. 

Teach In Harmony


Tamraloo Studios teachers work together to provide outstanding instruction and teaching to each student.  Performance opportunities are offered throughout the year for our students taking music lessons - this includes our incredible Spring Showcase, where each student performs a memorized solo piece.  Along with teaching music, Tamraloo teachers help all students get comfortable speaking and performing publicly, so all their hard work isn’t wasted. Tamraloo wants each student to shine!

Something For All


Whether you are looking for musical instruction, educational tutoring services, language lessons, recording services, craft and sewing classes, or homeschool enrichment, Tamraloo Studios aims to bring you the highest quality instruction in a family-friendly environment at affordable prices, with classes for all ages, stages, & budgets. 


Don’t see what you are looking for?  Text us today at (916) 664-2516, we’ll create a class or bring in a service for you!!!

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