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Current & Prospective AVL families

How Do I Check Which Cohort my student(s) are in?
To see your student(s) cohort assignment you will need a login to the Tamraloo Teachworks system.  You should have received an email from Tamraloo Music: "Confirm your Tamraloo Music Account".  Please follow these instructions to get access to the system and your student's schedule: 
The email may be in your junk emails and you should find it when searching on the specific email verbiage.
What Do Parents need to Complete Prior To The First Class?
•         Please fill out the following form with all required information prior to the first day of class
•         Payment (should have an invoice or paid already).
What Do Students Need to Bring To Each Class?
•         Their school work packets (We HIGHLY encourage all students to get the paper version of any work to reduce the amount of work needing screens)
•         Laptop/tablet for any required virtual work (we will have a very limited amount of Chromebooks for rent at $10/day)
•         Plug/charger for their electronics
•         Water bottle (they can store in their cubby if they want to or take home)
•         Snacks
•         All necessary school supplies (paper, pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, etc.) We recommend keeping personal supplies in a pouch, box, or ziplock and leaving here in our cubbies
•    Their Command Center Binder each day with any notes, questions, or concerns from parents in the notes section for the tutors to review and help students

•         No cell phones.  They will be placed in a cubby during class. During cohort time, if you need to contact us or your students, please call  916 664 2516
•         Students may not leave the Tamraloo property without being picked up by an approved person
•         Student internet access will be strictly limited to necessary sites.  There is a zero tolerance policy for intentional inappropriate internet activity and your student will be removed from the cohort if this is an issue
•         Only school-work needed access to websites and other media
•         Masks are strongly encouraged.  Students will wash up before entering the building.  Seating will be distanced and there will be no sharing of items.  Any math manipulatives used will be sanitized between uses.
•         Cohort times will follow the approved calendar, no makeups allowed.  Tamraloo will not 
Be responsible to transport children to and from their cohort and will not be following up on missed session.  Attendance will be taken for our informational purposes.
Children will be expected to clean up after themselves and to respect other student’s spaces.  We will model this (especially for our younger pupils) during the first few sessions so expectations will be clear.
What does the Tamraloo Tutoring Team Provide?
•         Command Center Binder
•         Internet Access
•        Minimum 4:1 student to teacher ratio for each class
•        Support, encouragement and great tutoring/teaching experience
•        Access to your student’s calendar
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